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Principal - Mrs Leonie Hultgren

Kingsthorpe State School

50 Goombungee Road

Kingsthorpe  Qld 4400



Office 46992333


for absences phone or email  the school as above.



It is a pleasure to welcome you to Kingsthorpe State School – a school which celebrated 100 years of operation in 2011. Over $2 million dollars worth of facility upgrades have taken place here over the past 36 months which has enhanced our learning community.

Kingsthorpe State School celebrates the integral role Parents, Staff and the wider community all play in promoting a safe, challenging environment that not only achieves academic results but also prepares students for their future.

As Principal, I operate within 3 key expectations that, I believe, lead to an effective and successful school community.

Firstly and most importantly for our whole community - Education needs to be highly valued - it gives everyone the opportunity to improve themselves and their prospects for the future. Where would we be as a country without education? There are countless examples in our nation’s history where individuals from very, very humble beginnings have realised and valued the prize of an education and have made significant contributions to Australian society.

Secondly, at Kingsthorpe State School, children have the right to receive an education in a safe and respectful learning environment. General student behaviour and attitudes at this school are of a very high standard. For a small school, Kingsthorpe has a proportionally high number of children who go onto achieving student leadership positions in their chosen High School. This is a credit to both the families who attend and the staff who work here. Our Behaviour Management Plan outlines school expectations of behaviour in more detail.

Thirdly, all Kingsthorpe State School staff are to implement quality, engaging learning experiences that meet individual needs and to develop a positive rapport with all children. The teachers here are consistently impressive in their dedication and ability to provide and promote an excellent learning environment. We are a progressive, busy and vibrant school.

As well as ensuring that teachers gain the latest in professional development, a team approach to teaching is fostered to ensure the best learning for every child.

This Website contains information that we hope, will assist you in gaining a better understanding of how our school operates and what we offer your child.

If you would like further information, please contact the school office and we will be very happy to assist.



School recommences in 2016 on Wednesday, 27 January, 2016

Prep 2016 - enrolments are being taken now!

If your child is born between 1/7/2010 and 30/6/2011 then they are eligible to enrol for Prep in 2016.

Please telephone the school office on 46992333 or call in to have their name placed on our register.



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